Where is stored Movie's Plot Summary fetched from IMDb

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Where is stored Movie's Plot Summary fetched from IMDb

Post  matsuo on Tue Aug 13, 2013 2:51 pm

Hello there,

I am quite happy with VideoDrive, but I am facing an issue with VD 2.7.10 & iTunes 11.0.4. I am using method 5 (handbrake) and automatic metadata fetch from IMDb.
The videos are properly added and viewable in FrontRow. However, I am not satisfied with the description/plot summary from IMDb (I am French and I want to change them from another movie DB site).
Then I edit the Movie Properties (cmd-I) and adapt movie's description (so far so good) ... but my changes are not taken into account in Front Row and iTunes movie panel.
My changes are overridden by the plot from IMDb : "blah blah .... (@IMDb)." I just want to erase/scratch/remove/replace that text, but I cannot find it anywhere (nor xattr cmd line, nor iTunes infos, nor Java MP4Parser).

So my question is: where is store Movie's Plot Summary fetched from IMDb so I can replace it.



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