atomicparsley for modifying tags vs itunes

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atomicparsley for modifying tags vs itunes

Post  ianpaton on Sun Nov 04, 2012 5:41 pm


would it be possible the use atomicparsley library or another tag lib to modify the tags directly on the mov/mp4 file rather then use applescripts to get itunes to modify the tags.

so the new workflow would be:
1. convert/create the new mov/mp4 video (if required)
2. directly modify the tags in the mov/mp4 to the correct details
3. add the video to itunes, and let itunes load the metadata from the movie

1. cut the "adding metadata to video" stage of videodrive from minutes to seconds (i use mode 4 and it takes longer to add metadata then to re-container an avi,)
2. potentially add more metadata to the video the itunes applescripts support
3. Videodrive can be used to add metadata to stand alone mp4 that are not to be added to itunes
4. remove the huge itunes and videodrive lockups that occur when adding metadata.
5. remove the big mac osx limitation of videodrive (applescript) to allow for a windows version if you wanted to ship one

1. I don't believe that you can add metadata to video's alread in itunes this way so that will need to stay as it curently is

These advantages are admitally not so big for those converting video into mp4 format(5 - 8) as what is 60 seconds of time saving when you spent an hour converting the video, but for those of us using mode 1-4,9 this would be huge.

This would turn a good product into a great product.



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Re: atomicparsley for modifying tags vs itunes

Post  Aroona on Tue Dec 04, 2012 1:22 pm

thanks for the tip, we have already considered this option before, and are looking into it.

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