Hot Folder Troubleshooting

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Hot Folder Troubleshooting

Post  Aroona on Sun Sep 18, 2011 10:02 pm

VideoDrive Hot Folders uses the Mac OS X folder actions mechanism. In some cases, this mechanism is not working correctly resulting in hot folders not responding anymore. It is important to determine if the problem is caused by VideoDrive or an instability in the Folder Actions mechanism. Try the following simple steps one by one, and post your results here:

Solution 1) Make sure Folder Actions are enabled. You can find the settings in Finder: CTRL-click a folder in Finder, and go to 'More' -> 'Configure Folder Actions'. Make sure 'Enable Folder Actions' is checked. Note that this is a system-wide option. If the option is enabled, all folders with a folder action attached to them, are active. Next, check if the 'add - VieoDrive import video' action is correctly attached to all your hot folders. Make sure no other actions interfere with the VideoDrive action.

Solution 2) Make sure Folder Actions work. Create a new folder and attach a simple default script of Mac OS X like 'add - new item -alert'. Copy a file into the new folder and see if a dialog box is displayed. If this is not the case, your folder actions mechanism is not responding anymore. Try logging out of your account or restart Mac OS X.

Some remarks:
  • VideoDrive, iTunes or QuickTime do NOT need to run for Hot Folders to work.
  • If VideoDrive is busy converting videos, it may take a while before the import queue is updated when a new video is added to a hot folder.
  • Hot Folders do not respond to folders being added.

[*] If you upgrade from earlier versions of VideoDrive, you can install the new version of Hot Folders by clicking the 'Install' button on the Queue tab of Preferences.

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