videodrive and new AppleTV metadata / descriptions

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videodrive and new AppleTV metadata / descriptions

Post  scotty2shots on Sat Oct 23, 2010 4:03 am

So it appears that the new black hockey-puck AppleTV displays metadata differently than the old one did. Descriptions entered in Videodrive's "Movie Description" or "Show Description" never make it to the new AppleTV.

I've been using Videodrive to add metadata to iTunes videos for a long time, built up a lot. Cut and paste a bunch of custom descriptions in the videodrive "Movie Description" field, but the new AppleTV doesn't display those like the old one did - it displays what Videodrive had been entering in the "Tagline" field. Anything in the videodrive "tagline" field shows up in iTunes descriptions, and those are editable, but where did all those descriptions I'd been entering in Videodrive go? Where does Videodrive put the text that I gets entered in the "Movie Description" field? Cause I gotta find them all and somehow get them over into the iTunes description field.

videodrive Tagline ==> iTunes Description
videodrive Movie Description ==> ???

Is this something that might be updated?


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Re: videodrive and new AppleTV metadata / descriptions

Post  Aroona on Sun Oct 31, 2010 12:38 pm

It depends on the import method you are using, but if your file is a MOV file, the descriptions are stored in the iTunes library (and not in the file)

This appears to be an issue or new behavior related to iTunes 10 rather than the new AppleTV. The same behavior can be observed with the old Apple TV and videos imported in iTunes 10. At this moment we are not sure this is a bug in iTunes 10 and whether there is a workaround.

If you change any of the metadata of an affected video in iTunes (by going to "Get Info" in the contextual menu of a video in iTunes), is the problem solved?


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