AppleTV with NAS

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AppleTV with NAS

Post  techwhore on Fri Sep 25, 2009 11:04 pm

Let me first tell you my setup so that you can understand what I am trying to do.

24" iMAC running Snow Leopard
Apple TV 40gig version With perian and XBMC/Boxee installed
ReadyNAS NV+ with 2.7TB storate (4x 1TB drives XRAID)

I have all of my media located on my ReadyNAS drive. I am currently using AppleTV with XBMC or Boxee to view the content which works perfectly. This allows me to have zero files on my AppleTV and play videos from my central media server. I do however love the UI of Apple TV and wanted to get my Divx files into that UI.

That is when I purchased your program, it seemed to be my solution I have been looking for. I converted some videos with conversion options 4 (Copy the video files in an appletv container) because of the wording "the container files can be streamed to apple tv". I unchecked copy to library when added in iTunes as well as within VideoDrive.

My understanding from this would be that the files would be streaming on my AppleTV from my ReadyNAS. When synced a TV show from iTunes that Videodrive added, it showed that my HD (which isnt much) on my AppleTV was syncing those files and filling up fast. Simply put, I would like to use the Apple TV interface to stream my Files from my ReadyNAS, but not take up much room on the AppleTV.

Is there a way to have a very small file synced to the Apple TV, that points to the ReadyNAS server to play the original file? Or am I just doing this all wrong?

Thank you for your time.


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