Maybe the only thing that i am missing

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Maybe the only thing that i am missing

Post  joernl on Sat Jun 13, 2009 11:00 pm

hi i really like videodrive. i use it extensivly, but there is one feature i am missing.

i would love an option where i can tell videodrive to add my videos to itunes but not copy them into the itunes managed folders, without unchecking that feature in itunes itself.

so basically i would love this workflow:

1. let videodrive copy my movies into an appletv playable container and ad metadata
2. copy the finished file to my external movie harddrive
3. ad the movie to itunes, but dont let itunes copy it to my music harddrive
4 . i dont want to disable the copy feature within itunes, since i tend to forget to put it back on for when i ad music.
5. delete the original movie file

i know that when you drop files on itunes and while doing so hold the option key, it overrides the itunes copy command.
That way i could have my music and movis on seperate disks, they would still be playable on my appletv, and i would not have to mess with any settings in itunes. or have to do that step manually

i realised that every single step is a go with videodrive except step number 4.

so if you could ad that feature , i would be very happy :-)

thank you


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Re: Maybe the only thing that i am missing

Post  Aroona on Mon Jun 15, 2009 9:54 pm

This would indeed be very handy, but unfortunately, iTunes does not support this for third party applications

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