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iPhone/iPod high-res

Post  bobgorila on Mon May 18, 2009 9:53 am

Possibly I can't find it, but I have looked hard and I am sure it is not there... is there some option in videodrive, when converting movies, to encode the largest, highest possible quality file that will still play on an iPod or iPhone?

I'd quite like to make a file that, while it will play on my phone, will still look acceptable on my TV (either through the phone's TV-out or an Apple TV).

I gather that the iPhone can handle video with pixel dimensions up to 640*480. Which is to say, it can also handle 720*426, since (640*480)/720 = 426.6

For now I shall try to build a workflow around having videodrive tag and import files that have been encoded by Handbrake, which has a very nice "apple universal" setting that spits out the kind of file I'm after (it's also surprisingly fast, in the latest SVN builds - way quicker than QT on my unibody MB)


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