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Post  captaincool01 on Sun Mar 29, 2009 12:54 pm


first off- thanks so much for the program-- best $30 I've spent! My external harddrive crashed and the thought of creating reference files and then saving the cover art for each of my 400 movies and god know hows many tv shows was enough to have me putting off the job for weeks... even though my mac mini linked to my plasma is my little pride and joy.

Anyway, the coverart that is pulled up from amazon looks good on amazon because the background is white on, etc... the problem is then when you view that artwork in frontrow with the black background... too be honest it doesn't look that good at all. on the otherhand i've sourced all of my artwork from It's usually the first or second picture in a google image search... ie "what about bob poster".

This artwork always fits exactly to the edge of the jpg and thus looks flush/great on the black frontrow background.

This is just a suggestion but I think it would almost make your product.

Thanks again for everything.

P.S I just realised that I get automatic updates while the product is 1.9. does this mean because I paid for the product so late i get relatively few updates?

Thanks in advance, Richard


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